14 Dec 2018

Artist Spotlight: Aubren Jay

Today, we sat down with our artist

14 Dec 2018
Aubren Jay

Today, we sat down with our artist Aubren Jay for an interview. Here is what he had to say:

1. How has your hometown shaped who you are as a musician today?

I grew up all over Texas so I have a very big Texas sound. I was born in Galveston, TX but raised in Galveston County, Houston and Dallas area. Texas is home to a lot of big names in music and I feel like I’m inspired by all of the greats as an artist from TX.

2. If you could single out one artist or band that has influenced you, who would that be and why?

The most influential artist to me was Bob Marley. He was true to his beliefs and faith and sang songs of positivity through his struggle. One thing we lack as a generation is positive music and positive energy. Bob was about love, peace, and spirituality. Thats the type of man, and artist I try to be.

3. If you won the lottery tomorrow, what is the first thing you would buy?

First thing I would buy is land!! I’m not too worried bout the “famous life” like most artist. I just want to take care of my people.

4. What is your advice to fellow underground musicians in regards to remaining discipline in your craft?

My advice is master your craft. Perseverance and dedication is key. On your the journey to the top, never lose focus of your purpose. Don’t let the distractions of life blind you of your destiny. Being HUMBLE is the KEY ingredient in the industry.

5. Do you have any songwriting or recording tips you’d like to share?

Study your craft. Read. Build your vocabulary. And don’t cuss as much so radio stations can play your music with out having to block out bars of the song.

6. How does your family and close friends feel about your music career? Have they always been supportive or have there been issues in the past?

It’s half and half. I got people who have had my back since day one. Before i even took music serious. And I have family and day ones that wont even click a link. I don’t if it’s out of envy, hate, or jealousy but it doesn’t bother me at all. Most of the time you have to “make it” in the world for people to take you serious. As long as they don’t ask for hand outs when success comes. If you weren’t there for the struggle you will not be there for the come up. Family included.

7. If you could open up for one famous artist or band, who would that be and why?

It would Lauryn Hill. She is a knowledgeable artist and one of the most complete artist of our time. Her message is also spirit based like Bob Marley. Her music has gotten me through a lot and would love to perform with or in front of her. She has no idea the level of inspiration she has on my music career.

8. If you could have a dinner with one musician who is no longer living, who would that be and why?

Pimp C “Chad Butler” of UGK. UGK is one of the most influential groups to step out of Texas. Before Pimp C’s death he preached to his people and community about change and holding each other accountable to make change. He also had a message of knowledge to young black men about self awareness and how the system works. I would just like to sit and gain knowledge from him. He was a true Texas prophet and i pray i can do something great for TX through hip hop like he did.

9. In your time with LiquidSound Records, what is the number one thing you have enjoyed the most? Also, what is your advice to those artists who would be interested in joining the roster in the future?

The knowledge. Ryan Katz’s program is great for indie artist who are ready to progress from a hobby to a career. The information and connections are great to start yourself ways to make money and build yourself as a brand. I thank God for the opportunity to be able to be apart of something like this. Coming from where I’m from, most people don’t make it out the struggle or obtain success. This is big for me just to know I’m on the right direction and success is less than a mile away. My advice to artist is it takes money to make money. Get involved with people and companies that will benefit you. Spend the time and make an artist budget for yourself, and market yourself accordingly.

10. In ten years, where do you see your music career?

10 years from now I hope to be paying my bills from my brand. Prayerfully I am doing what Ryan Katz is doing for me, and thats helping indie artist get to the next level. 10 years I should have a grammy, awards, a full resume that will be able to fund some businesses. 10 years I will probably not be an artist. I will probably be behind the scenes producing or doing A&R work. I want to be able to help other artist like me. On the brink of breaking through and all they need is the right team to help them be successful.

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