20 Apr 2018

Artist Spotlight: Jermaine Wray

  Today, we sat down with our

20 Apr 2018


Today, we sat down with our artist Jermaine Wray for an interview. Here is what he had to say:


1. How has your hometown shaped who you are as a musician today?

Just being in a city of musicians is inspiring enough. From Patty Label, Teddy Pendergrass, the whole battle rappin scene, State Property, Cassidy, and even Lil Uzi, and Meek Mill. Growing up around music is undeniable. Looking where we come from and seeing them come from nothing to making it.


2. If you could single out one artist or band that has influenced you, who would that be and why?

Ludacris. He’s not your traditional hip hop artist and that’s what makes him so successful. He’s comical, but can also drop bars you can’t deny. He doesn’t care what people think and that’s one of the hardest things to do in life and that’s just be yourself.


3. If you won the lottery tomorrow, what is the first thing you would buy?

I have no idea. I can say anything to make it sound good but it’ll probably be something I don’t need. After that, then pay off bills and debt, then invest into real estate and a bunch of other things.


4. What is your advice to fellow underground musicians in regards to remaining discipline in your craft?

Stay focused. As simple as those words are, they are also powerful. Once you lose focus, you fall way behind and once you do that, it gets even harder to get back up.


5. Do you have any songwriting or recording tips you’d like to share?

Be yourself. Write what you feel and don’t worry about what other people may think. Regardless of how hot it may be, people won’t like it. Regardless of how much negative feedback it may get, there’s gonna be a lot of people who likes it.


6. How does your family and close friends feel about your music career? Have they always been supportive or have there been issues in the past?

They want me to keep persuing it. It’s a small circle but they’re very supportive. It’s nothing but love and that’s how it’s always been.


7. If you could open up for one famous artist or band, who would that be and why?

Between KRS ONE, Busta or Red and Meth. KRS ONE and Busta has those performances when you do not want to go on after. The energy they have and the way the crowd reacts is a cheat code. Redman and Method Man are straight dumb. Funny as hell and never a show under 10. I definitely believe I can add to that concert.


8. If you could have a dinner with one musician who is no longer living, who would that be and why?

Pac… Everything he’s done for the culture of hiphop, the messaged he left, and I would want to how do I do the same thing.


9. In your time with LiquidSound Records, what is the number one thing you have enjoyed the most? Also, what is your advice to those artists who would be interested in joining the roster in the future?

Ryan Katz. He’s authentic, understanding, and patient…but most importantly genuine. As a manager, that’s huge. Plus he’s been around so clearly he knows what he’s talking about. He simplifies everything. For an up and coming artist, that’s everything you need out of a manager. Besides that, the resources at LiquidSound Records is amazing.


10. In ten years, where do you see your music career?

Honestly I have no idea. I would hope wealthy or famous as hell.



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