14 Dec 2018

Artist Spotlight: Komane AKA Komizzle

Today, we sat down with our artist

14 Dec 2018
Komane 4
Komane aka Komizzle

Today, we sat down with our artist Komane AKA Komizzle for an interview. Here is what he had to say:

1. How has your hometown shaped who you are as a musician today?

Where I come from its hard for hiphop b/c the lack of mainstream avenues, but is growing and changing, so its a new scene looking for a fresh sound to kind of solidify and create more exposure – which causes artists like myself to have to work five times as hard to overcome the saturation and unoriginality. i love my state < O’s UP>  (OKLAHOMA) (tulsa ) (okc) All the way we underrated and talent filled.

2. If you could single out one artist or band that has influenced you, who would that be and why?

It would be hard to single out one specific group, but I rock with a variety of groups that all had part in shaping me as an artist -people like OUTkast, Lox< G-UNit, and i would even credit Migos but the list could go on and on..! (Luniz, Digital underground etc)

3. If you won the lottery tomorrow, what is the first thing you would buy?

Upon receiving my winning lottery check, I would go directly to buy LAND…..Real estate , property are first on my list of priorities, and my mother would be in the running for a new home, i need a house or two, my children. Yea Land and property would be on my list of purchases!

4. What is your advice to fellow underground musicians in regards to remaining discipline in your craft?

Advice to upcoming artists tryna get in the game: Make and Set Goals and Keep track of your Progress! Have fun and be original -work hard and stay focused on Your Mission. Believe In Yourself and be consistent!

5. Do you have any songwriting or recording tips you’d like to share?

Advice on songwriting: Be Original and stay true to your passion without following trends has always been a key. ENERGY!!!!!

6. How does your family and close friends feel about your music career? Have they always been supportive or have there been issues in the past?

My core family and fan base is very supportive and critical of my music. Not so much, as to where they frown or cringe when they hear a profanity, lol, they just want to steer me in the right direction and help me stay focused. I make music for my core fan base.  I am my biggest fan so i like to listen to a good Komane album. Quality constructive criticism is whats helpful and provided by true fans and listeners. and I appreciate it all!

7. If you could open up for one famous artist or band, who would that be and why?

MJ or PAC are the artist I’d like to open up for because they had dope fans and crowded shows, die-hard followers.

8. If you could have a dinner with one musician who is no longer living, who would that be and why?

Marilyn Monroe would be a lady, entertainer that I’d enjoy having dinner with – some sexy conversation and pick her brain.

9. In your time with LiquidSound Records, what is the number one thing you have enjoyed the most? Also, what is your advice to those artists who would be interested in joining the roster in the future?

LiquidSound Records has provide a hands on interaction and good response time to inquiries which I appreciate. They will be there when you need them so I’d say the accessibility is what I like.

10. In ten years, where do you see your music career?

In 10 years, I plan on being on the downhill side of my career actively, definitely a household name and artist known for good music and being a factor in the community.

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