31 Oct 2018

Artist Spotlight: Tee Double E

  Today, we sat down with our

31 Oct 2018
Horace Allen

Tee Double E


Today, we sat down with our artist Tee Double E for an interview. Here is what he had to say:



1. How has your hometown shaped who you are as a musician today?

Well being from the live music capital, you would think wouldn’t hurt, but the the underground hip hop scene was a lot harder. Not one artist from the live music capital has ever done anything nationally. This is the Capital of Texas, and their been great talent in and from the surrounding area.


2. If you could single out one artist or band that has influenced you, who would that be and why?

That’s easy, but for me it was the whole Houston sound, from back in the gap till late 90s. First Mister Scare Face the Ghetto Boys 5th Ward Boys Zero Trea. Hey man, these cats are what rap about to me.


3. If you won the lottery tomorrow, what is the first thing you would buy?

A home to the point. I mean when your raised, were always taught: buy a home.


4. What is your advice to fellow underground musicians in regards to remaining discipline in your craft?

To just be true to who you are as an artist, because things don’t always go as planned. Don’t always get caught up in the latest sound or trend.


5. Do you have any songwriting or recording tips you’d like to share?

To listen to the beat, but even more important, listen to your soul. Look to reach lives, because that’s what good music does, It can tear down or build up.


6. How does your family and close friends feel about your music career? Have they always been supportive or have there been issues in the past?

They being my step son, Mister Payback, called me and asked me why I wasn’t making music anymore since i been home from TDC, two years for a fight. To make a long story short the hood always had my back..east side till I die.


7. If you could open up for one famous artist or band, who would that be and why?

I know he is no longer here but my dream would be to share the stage with TuPac. From the decades of G’s which I am from, there could be no higher honor.


8. If you could have a dinner with one musician who is no longer living, who would that be and why?

Again it would be TuPac, to feel his insight on life an the sprit of his words. Wow, what a moment that would be.


9. In your time with LiquidSound Records, what is the number one thing you have enjoyed the most? Also, what is your advice to those artists who would be interested in joining the roster in the future?

I love what I’ve seen so far. But you’ll have to get back to me on that. Love Ryan. That’s my Guy. However, I’m still pretty new here.


10. In ten years, where do you see your music career?

CEO of Street Ink. God gave me the vision and Mama gave me the drive.



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