14 Dec 2018

Artist Spotlight: TheRapperRiot

Today, we sat down with our artist

14 Dec 2018

Today, we sat down with our artist TheRapperRiot for an interview. Here is what he had to say:

1. How has your hometown shaped who you are as a musician today?

My hometown has always been said to be Seattle, WA but I live in a small town in the greater Seattle area known as Bothell. Growing up in such a suburban middle class environment has helped me see the misfortune of other communities and shape the message of my lyricism. I enjoy pointing out the unfairness in society through my music and hopefully push for a better tomorrow.

2. If you could single out one artist or band that has influenced you, who would that be and why?

As a teenager and in my late teens I was a big fan of Eminem and habitually picked up a lot of the aggressive vocal tendencies that he had displayed throughout his career.

3. If you won the lottery tomorrow, what is the first thing you would buy?

Honestly the first thing I would purchase is more music equipment for my recording studio and design a professional setup for recording tracks.

4. What is your advice to fellow underground musicians in regards to remaining discipline in your craft?

I would suggest that any musician of any genre simply does not lose sight of what they enjoy about their own art. As an artist people have a natural tendency to flip flop between outlooks on their own work. I’ve grown to the idea you have to acknowledge the flaws in your craft but also focus on the positives as much as possibly as a method for growth.

5. Do you have any songwriting or recording tips you’d like to share?

When it comes to lyricism and vocals the best tips I can give is to try to be consistent with the concept or “theme” that you decide to put behind your tracks. Having a full circle of reflection through your music and a clear conveyed message is the most important thing to me. Energy is also a big part of an entertainers image and can absolutely become a trade mark of musical style if you develop it in the right way.

6. How does your family and close friends feel about your music career? Have they always been supportive or have there been issues in the past?

In the past my family and close friends have always been supportive of my music. Showing up to open mics, giving feedback on stage presence or song quality has been huge in this regard. It has substantially helped me progress and enjoy my music more.

7. If you could open up for one famous artist or band, who would that be and why?

I would love to open for an independent artist like Chris Webby. I respect artists that haven’t taken any short cuts in their careers and that consistently show a good work ethic towards being an artist. Flow and delivery is also something I value when it comes to rap and hip hop as I learn from it and adapt my own style to that research.

8. If you could have a dinner with one musician who is no longer living, who would that be and why?

Kurt Cobain would be my choice even though grunge has never been my genre. I grew up listening to Nirvana at very young age and have always enjoyed the live representations the band had during the successful run before Kurt Cobain’s passing.

9. In your time with LiquidSound Records, what is the number one thing you have enjoyed the most? Also, what is your advice to those artists who would be interested in joining the roster in the future?

The best thing I’ve experienced so far at LiquidSound Records is the consistency in opportunities given from management to artist. The management team truly wants you to succeed and my best advice would be live by the rule that you get out what you put in so always work hard and follow up on opportunities.

10. In ten years, where do you see your music career?

I have hope’s that I will be touring nationally if not globally at that point in time. The stage has always been my favorite part of being a musical artist and truly live for displaying my form of entertainment in front of a large crowd.

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