Management Program

Management Program

LiquidSound Records primary goal is to build the brand equity of underground artists and bands of all genres. Throughout the years, we have developed and retained a proprietary method of doing such, and have grown this process to what is now our highly acclaimed management program. Here is what to expect from us in this program:

Free Unlimited Digital Distribution

If you can’t sell your music effectively, then a music career is nothing more than a hobby. In order to be a professional musician and take that next step into success, you need the proper distribution to get your product to the masses. At LiquidSound Records, we offer all of our clients unlimited releases for digital distribution to Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, VEVO, eMusic, Beatport, Rhapsody, and more. If that wasn’t enough, you keep 100% of your royalties for your sales. We take no royalties of any kind, no matter how successful your project is. Can’t beat that!

Booking Negotiator

As an underground artist or band, there are so many things you need to worry about, and inquiring about performance bookings is just another stressful item on your to-do list. With over a decade of experience in this realm, LSR knows not just who to talk with, but more importantly, what to say in order to gain the respect, trust, and approval of many of the leading promoters and venue agents in the nation. Look no further for LSR to represent you through all of your show booking needs.

Tour Structuring

Roadies, instrument technicians, sound engineers, tour buses…there are so many logistics that go into organizing a tour. Whether local, regional, or national, LSR is here to help out. With our plethora of connections and experience, we can help you plan a tour you and your fans will never forget.*

Primary Consulting

In a rut? Can’t seem to get good advice from anyone? Here at LSR, we have the braintrust to ensure that you are being steered in the right direction. Advice is priceless, and we pride ourselves in having your best interest at heart. Sometimes, you may be just too close to the music to see things from an outside perspective, and we are happy to constructively offer that insight. With anything, advice is only worth what the consumer believes it to be, so if there are any disagreements, that’s perfectly okay. As long as you are happy, so are we.

Scam & Fraud Protection

An unfortunate part of being a musician in the 21st century is the rapid growth of exploitation among all revenue-generating avenues. Scams and fraudulent websites are running rampant on the internet, and it is very easy to fall into the pitfalls of a mischievous scammer, ready to take your hard earned cash for nothing. At LiquidSound Records, we have a keen eye for identifying these traits in any prospective opportunity, as well as the ability to audit websites and social media metrics to determine if the opportunity is genuine, or out to steal a quick buck. Whether its phishing, lack of credentials, pay to play (payola), or something else, we’ve got your back and will make sure the money you invest is used wisely.

Technology Aggregation

Mobile apps and web portals are being developed every single day by some of the brightest minds in the world. Whether it’s a new social media platform, a way to monetize your music on the blockchain, or even a way to connect with industry figures around the globe, LSR is constantly diving into the latest and greatest digital technology available to artists. In fact, we are so well-versed in this area that we were one of the first management companies to direct our artists to a little known platform called Tiktok, which has now rose to become one of the largest and most important social media platforms in music. If you want a team that is constantly ahead of the curve and in touch with ever changing trends and algorithms, look no further than our team at LSR.

Contract Writing & Generation

In your time as a musician, you always want to make sure every financial and intellectual decision is protected. For over a decade, LiquidSound Records has expertly crafted the best and most comprehensive contracts for our clients for whatever they may need, musically speaking. Whether its a collaboration, a split sheet, or sponsorship proposal, we’ve got you covered with every document you could ask for. Another major load off of your shoulders!

Blog Submissions

There are hundreds of music blogs out there that drive traffic to your brand, but you can’t seem to get your music on them. We can help. With our resources, we will submit your music to dozens of blogs around the nation that pertain to your specific genre and appeal.

Musical Coaching

We have all been there. Writing away and you hit a brick wall. Don’t you wish you always had someone there to help get through it? With our years of performance and music theory under our belt, it’s just what the doctor ordered. Need help with your studio performance? Ideas on what to do next, musically? Ways to enhance the sound of your product? You can’t find a better source to lean on than the folks at LSR.

Studio Seeking

Finding the right studio is hard. Finding the right price is even harder. We are here to negotiate the right price for you at the right studio. It’s not just about the equipment or location, but the sound engineer(s) and producer(s) as well. We will make sure that you get the right price and the right people behind your music. After all, without a product you are comfortable with, you can only go so far.*

Direct Representation

When it’s all said and done, you will want someone to represent you and your brand all the way. One of the major ways to gain leverage in the music industry is to be perceived as more professional, and a major way of accomplishing that is to have professional representation. Whether it’s sending an inquiry for a feature, booking, sponsorship, merchandising deal, video direction, or more, we are here to do it for you, just the way you like it.

Graphic Design

Perception is reality in the music industry. If you don’t have industry-standard visuals, your ceiling won’t be as high as your peers who do. We are here to offer you all of your graphic design needs. LSR will be able to create any graphic design need you have. This is an unlimited service: you may have us design as many things as you want! You are only a musician once. Make sure you do it right!

Video Editing

Need an advertisement made for your brand? How about a short lyric video? We can help. Supplemental imagery is a must in the technology age and getting visuals out to the masses is a necessity. If we can’t do it ourselves, we have a vast database of affordable videographers and directors for any budget.

Public Relations

As an artist or band, the last thing on your mind is worrying about publicity and appearance as it relates to your product. Whether it’s writing a press release, developing a proper press kit, creating blog posts, or more, we have you covered. Writing is our forte, and we ensure that all of our clients get a high octane of PR work for their every need. Releasing an album? We will write an industry standard release for you. Need to have an interactive portfolio of your work? We will design and edit your very own Electronic Press Kit. The possibilities are tremendous.

Social Media Marketing

In the 21st Century, your social media accounts are your living resume. We can’t tell you how many times we have seen, from afar, an artist or band lose out on an opportunity because of social media. Accidentally say something inappropriate on a page? Don’t have the proper visuals to enhance your profile? Need acceptable metrics and information to fill out a page properly? We can help with all of these things and more!

Strategic Marketing

One of the many things overlooked by some underground musicians is not just how your music is portrayed, but where/when/how it is placed. We work tirelessly to ensure your product is being put in the proper channels at the right time. Building your brand equity is the most important asset we can offer here at LSR, so strategic marketing is our #1 priority with all of our clientele. Using our unique system, we can even get you talking directly with A&R representatives and executives of real major and high end independent record labels!

Brand Management

Your brand is the life blood of your career. It should define your music, and vice versa. LSR strives to ensure that all of your ducks are in a row and that your brand is always consistent with every other moving part of your career. Whether it’s developing a theme, an image, a stage presence, or something else, you know you are in great hands with us. Without a brand, a musician is just another average life form in a vast array of talent. Let us help you reach your maximum potential.

Ghost Writing

There is no shame in asking for help. Many find that having a “ghost writer” for your lyrics can carry a stigma or even be taboo. We are here to tell you that this certainly is not the case. Some of the biggest stars still use ghost writers to this day for some of their projects. Of course, if you are a talented writer, you can stop reading this right now, but not all of us have been gifted with a golden pen. Why not validate your talents with lyrics that surpass any of your peers? Music should be perfectly molded, and this is one of the many ways we can deliver that goal.

Sponsorship Opportunities

In the music industry, there are many ways to generate revenue. One way to earn a lot of cash fast is to inquire about being sponsored and/or endorsing a product. Using our unique system of networking, we are able to get in touch with many professionals with leadership positions in companies all over the world, including Fortune 500 corporations. It only takes one person to be impressed with your work for your musical career to be changed forever. Make sure you have someone at your side who can increase that possibility.


One of the benefits of being an LSR client is that our CEO has almost a decade of experience producing music. Whether it be beats for hip hop, samples and patches for electronic music, or even overlays and add-ons for hard rock/heavy metal, we can provide you with practically every production need you can think of. Production services are our only service with an extra fee, but if you are an LSR client long enough, your loyalty may be rewarded with some free perks from this category.

The Stipulations:

LiquidSound Records LLC will own 0% of your music and/or the rights to your music. LSR keeps 0% booking fees, sponsorship stipends, royalties, or any other revenue generated from our services. For all that you receive above for the LiquidSound Records Management Program, we simply require a $99.00 USD monthly fee, payable at the beginning of each month. Our contracts are month-to-month, meaning that our clients can opt out at any time if they choose to do so. You are not locked in for a specific period of time longer than one month.

You will be hard pressed to find a management company with stipulations this user-friendly and cost-effective. We accept all genres of music. Whether you are in a heavy metal band, a country music star, a hip hop mogul, or an EDM producer, we work with those who we see talent in. Want to learn more? Contact us today on the tab above or email us at for more information

*LiquidSound Records LLC does not fund any touring, studio time, or any other venture that requires up front funding.

LiquidSound Records is headquartered in Los Angeles, California & Cleveland, Ohio.